[thelist] mailing lists for developers/contractors - finding more opportunities

Michael Dinowitz mdinowit at houseoffusion.com
Mon Oct 27 13:07:21 CST 2003

I run such a list devoted to ColdFusion contractors and ColdFusion jobs in
general. I see jobs popping up there every now and again and I know people
who have gotten positions due to it. In this day and age, any resource to
connect people to work would be useful.
The problem (as I've seen) is that you need a division between the talk
about jobs and the job offers themselves. I have CF-Jobs and CF-Jobs-Talk
for such a division and it helps greatly. Any list will have to make a
decision on how to handle this and other issues.

> hi...
> since we've been searching for ways to find contracts...(with almost no
> luck!!!) we're curious.. and thought we'd ask the list... would there be
> interest in a mailing list/site.. devoted to sharing
> tools/resources/contacts/etc.. to find contracts and to meet the
> contracts...
> i gotta believe that there's a need/desire/use for something like this...
> provided it's really useful, and not overrun with spam...
> if you feel there's a need for something like this, let me know what you'd
> like it to be/what you'd like it to have/what you might like to get from
> it...
> let me know...
> thanks...
> Bruce Douglas
> (925) 866-2790
> bedouglas at earthlink.net
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