[thelist] Tabbing - Hocus Focus and no Ta..cus

WL Murray warren at digital-crossroads.com
Mon Oct 27 13:22:23 CST 2003

Good Afternoon,

My is name is Warren Murray and I'm working on a web application as a GUI designer and I have run into a few problems.  The web application involves some complex java and javascript. It has to be fully functionally in both IE 6.0 and Netscape 7.1.  

The problems I'm experiencing are:
(1)  Tabindex works does not work well in Netscape 7.1.  Many fields are readonly and tabindex are set to -1.   Netscape simply wants to tab through these readonly fields in it's normal manner of tabbing across and then down.  In IE, tabbing works as it should.

(2)  Is there a way to force tabbing in specific pattern in both IE and Netscape?  Like, down one column and then across and never showing focus on the address bar.

(3) Can I turn off the tabbing entirely for a specific page, even when fields exist on the page?

Warren Murray


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