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The firmlist www.firmlist.com may assist you in finding possible "contracts"
with other media firms that need extra help.  Then you can find valuable
information regarding "contracts" (the actual documents you need to seal the
deal) at Creative Public www.creativepublic.com.  Hope that helps.

Tom's input is good as well.  Tenacity is the key to obtaining good
freelance contracts.  I have found that once I have done good work (website
development) in a specific industry (i.e.. online catalogs) it allows me to
leverage my portfolio to obtain more work by others in the same industry.

IMHO (Unless you know someone) most companies don't choose a design
firm/freelancer based on the strength of the individual designer(s) or their
skillsets but rather the reputation of the firm/freelancer based on who they
have done work for in the past.  The client will say "we liked your work on
xyz.com, could you do something like that for us?") - This is a best case

You might want to try creating "case studies" of your work that speak to
businesses in general terms - showing them that you understand their
requirements base on past projects.  Have a marketing plan - Live your
marketing plan.  Don't put it aside until you have given it ample time to
work for you.  Word of mouth takes time.  Speak at professional networking
meetings as a guest if you are not in one.  Those are some things that have
worked pretty well for me.  Best of luck.

Phil Warbasse

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> hi...
> since we've been searching for ways to find contracts...(with almost no
> luck!!!) we're curious.. and thought we'd ask the list... would there be
> interest in a mailing list/site.. devoted to sharing
> tools/resources/contacts/etc.. to find contracts and to meet the
> contracts...
> i gotta believe that there's a need/desire/use for something like this...
> provided it's really useful, and not overrun with spam...
> if you feel there's a need for something like this, let me know what you'd
> like it to be/what you'd like it to have/what you might like to get from
> it...
> let me know...
> thanks...
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