[thelist] Denial of Service attack.... how easy are they?

Dougal Campbell dougal at gunters.org
Mon Oct 27 16:56:35 CST 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, John C Bullas wrote:

> How come I read so much about denial of service attack vulnerabilities
> having ot be covered?

Because there are so many ways to perform a DoS on a host.

> Are they easy? Can people just do them from one PC or do they have to get
> a bank of them to "do the deed"

Depends on the particular attack in question. There are two major

There are the simpleDoS attacks that exploit a software bug in the
victim host to cause the service[s] to go down. These are favorites
among the l33t 5kr!pt k!dd!3z.

Then there's the DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service. This is where
multiple cracked hosts are remotely controlled to generate large amounts
of network traffic to the victim host, eating up bandwidth so that real
users can't get through.

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