[thelist] [PHP Newbie] Accessing Object attributes from a _SESSION variable

Jacques Capesius jacques_capesius at cnt.com
Wed Oct 29 12:06:02 CST 2003

Hi folks,

I'm starting to dabble in some PHP and have run into a real stumper (at
least for me).

I have a PHP class, person, that looks like this:

class person {
   // set up the object
   var $firstname;
   var $lastname;
   var $email;
   var $username;
   var $password;
   var $loggedin;
   var $group;
// plus various methods...

Upon successful login, I load the attributes with their respective values
and load the variable of type person into a session variable via the
following code:

$_SESSION["person"] = $person; // person is the variable.

I then forward to a different page and try to read from the session with the
following code:

echo "<br>firstname: ".$_SESSION["person"]->firstname."<br>";

the output is: 

    [person] => __PHP_Incomplete_Class Object
            [__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name] => person
            [firstname] => Jacques
            [lastname] => Capesius
            [email] => jacques_capesius at cnt.com
            [username] => jcapesius
            [password] => 
            [loggedin] => 1
            [group] => ibm

<br>firstname: <br>

Obviously, the second line of code above isn't working. My question is, how
to I refer to the attribute values of an object I have stored in a session

thanks for any help you can offer.

-jacques :)

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