[thelist] HTML Special Character Entities

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 13:53:51 CST 2003

Regarading my whole character encoding issue - it seems that using
the HTML entities in my XHTML:


works no matter what I set the content-type language to. That seems
to make it safer than using unicode characters. Would I be correct in
my assumption and should the entities be used always for special

Then - what about those that don't fall under the entity. There are
some that don't - such as the apostrophe. For these there are the
decimal codes:


For example:

# # Number sign 

How safe are these to use? Again are these affected by the charset -
they seem not to be.

I've been under the assumption that in XHTML you should put entities
or decimal codes for any character other than the alpha chars.. have
I been correct?


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