[thelist] ball park time frame

Ron Neiger neigsn at netscape.net
Fri Oct 31 22:27:55 CST 2003

First, I want to say thanks to everyone on the list. I have been lurking 
here for a little over a year and have gotten a lot of good advise.

  What I am wondering is on average, and I know that every job will vary 
greatly, will it take to create an e-commerce web site.
I'm just looking for some ball park numbers to help me figure a price 
What i am thinking is say a twenty page site with a shopping cart, 
access database, some graphic design, and incorporating some ASP, CSS 
and JavaScript.
All i'm looking for a starting point. A week? Two weeks? Two days?  A 
year? Five min. ?

My problem is a lack of full time experience what jobs I have done in 
the past have been fit into what ever spare time I could muster. I 
really can' t use my past experience as an example.

Thank for your help,
Ron Neiger

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