[thelist] ball park time frame

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Sat Nov 1 02:11:12 CST 2003



>  What I am wondering is on average, and I know that every job will vary 
> greatly, will it take to create an e-commerce web site.
> I'm just looking for some ball park numbers to help me figure a price 
> schedule.
> What i am thinking is say a twenty page site with a shopping cart, 
> access database, some graphic design, and incorporating some ASP, CSS 
> and JavaScript.
> All i'm looking for a starting point. A week? Two weeks? Two days?  A 
> year? Five min. ?

I'm afraid there is no starting point for this estimate without further 
information. It could take you a week, two weeks, two days or a year; 
although it is unlikely to take two minutes. Only *you* know how long it is 
going to take you to complete this project, and to make this calculation you 
need to know exactly what you are going to be doing. If I were you I would 
spec out the project more thoroughly, make an estimate of how much time it 
will take *you* to complete and then double that time for your official 

> My problem is a lack of full time experience what jobs I have done in 
> the past have been fit into what ever spare time I could muster. I 
> really can' t use my past experience as an example.

Au contraire mon ami, you *must* use your past experience to make your time 
estimate, as this is *all* you have to go on. What takes you an hour may take 
me a minute or a day, and vice versa.



Chris Marsh

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