[thelist] specifying table *column* colors in php

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Sat Nov 1 01:53:31 CST 2003


I'm pulling some records out of a simple database table using PHP/MySQL and
throwing them into an HTML table. I'm able to specify what field I'm sorting
by by using:
<.a href='?sort=lname'>last name<./a>
and a simle while loop with mysql_fetch_row,
then printing it out with:
<.td>$fname<./td><.td>$lname<./td><.td>$email<./td> etc.

Works perfect for me.

But I'm wondering if there's any fairly simple way of specifying a
background color for the column i'm sorting on? You know, like if its sorted
on $fname, let it dynamically look like:
<.td bgcolor='#00FF00'>$fname<./td>

I've googled, but only been able to find tutorials/tips on specifying colors
for rows, not columns.

As always folks, TIA!

-Roger Harness

Ok...sort of off-topic tip, and most photoshop junkies probably already know
about it, but:

If you do alot of cropping in photoshop, check out the "Trim" command. With
different options, it can strip away un-needed areas of your canvas, MUCH
quicker/easier then the "Crop" tool. Works great if you've applied drop
shadows/etc too! No more zooming in at 1600 times to make sure you're not
cutting into your image/shadow/etc with your marquee/crop tool.

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