[thelist] Conditionals in Access

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Sat Nov 1 19:39:23 CST 2003

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>I think IIF() will do what you want:
>IIF(expression, true part, false part)
>If expression is true, then true part is returned, else false part is
Yep, the IIF did the trick (Another reader helped me offlist with the 
same idea and the same dislike for the Access help files).

>Also, IN() is very slow in Access if you have lots of records. Try using an
>EXISTS or NOT EXISTS query instead. Also, make sure you have appropriate
>indexes defined.
Actually, I was also able to accomplish what I was trying to do without 
the subquery and put it within the main query, so it's much simpler now.


Scott Brady

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