[thelist] XML SMI RSS: TLA huh?

John Dobson j.dobson at find-a-part.com
Thu Nov 20 03:46:00 CST 2003

> > Can anyone point me in a direction of a good resource to 
> > explain xml for channel feeds, how you do it, can it be 
> > secure, things like that?
> What's your idea? Maybe we can point you to a more specific 
> direction if 
> you tell us more?

I am looking into a secure information delivery service to subscribers, that has the push benefits of email, but with a greater guarantee of delivery and a significant speed increase.

I thought that xml stood as a good basis for the raw information, but have little experience of how xml can be delivered and the various advantages and possibilities of the different methods.  I have seen a lot about RSS feeds but didn't know how they are created, but also didn't know if there were more appropriate methods for transmitting the xml.  Such as bespoke VB on the client's machines...

I also seem to have a problem viewing xml files in IE6, everytime I attempted to open an xml page RealOne would burst into life (until I uninstalled it!), and I would be prompted to save an SMI file.  So what's all that about ??!!

Kind regards


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