[thelist] [OT] digital camera advice

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 20 09:43:40 CST 2003

yeah, i know, as a list admin i should know better than to post OT, 
but i'm stuck, and i know there are a lot of talented and 
knowledgable photography-types here... you can reply off-list so we 
don't clog the mailboxes of those who don't care...

i'm looking for a:
- digital camera
- that shoots video, too
- and writes to a media like CD

i'm taking it overseas and want to be able to skip bringing a laptop 
to download images, because i will be taking a lot... so if it could 
write to CD-R, i'd be golden since i can buy those in bulk...

and now my tip...

<tip type="XSLT">
Be sure to test your XSL parser so you know how it writes 
character entities. For example, one version of the MSXML parser 
will write &amp;nbsp; as &nbsp; in the output, and another will 
write it as &amp;nbsp;, which means you'd need to actually write it 
as <xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">&nbsp;</xsl:text> to 
get it show properly.

Pay attention to this for symbols like copyright or trademark, as 
they may display correctly in the browser, but may not be the 
encoded character in the HTML.

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