[thelist] Missing Stats

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Nov 20 09:45:19 CST 2003

I have used StatCounteX on several sites I administer and I thought it was
working more or less acceptably.

We recently installed WebLog ( http://www.weblogexpert.com/ ) on the server,
however, and it is reporting FAR more hits than StatCounteX. For one site,
on one day in particular, WebLog shows 70 page views and StatCounteX shows

The next day, StatCounteX does show 2 hits for that site, so it is certainly
enabled and functioning at least somewhat. I am aware that due to the nature
of StatCounteX it certainly COULD be prone to error. But seventy versus

Anyone have any enlightenment to offer me?


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