[thelist] OT: Terminal Services / router configuration

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 02:14:54 CST 2003

At 02:42 23/11/2003, you wrote
>I need help!  Up until recently I have been able to successfully use
>terminal services to access my Windows 2000 Server (at home) from remote
>locations.  However, my cable company must have blocked my port as I am no

have you checked if they have, it would seem strange for an ISP to do 
something so
fundamental without communicating the fact?


#1 "Shields up" would probe the ports that were open on your router if you 
run it remotely
AND show what is blocked?

>longer able to access it.  I also had WSFTP Server set up so I could pull

#2 did this stop after a software update or install of anything else?

#3 look at the error log in WSFTP (hit the LOG_WND button)

>files down remotely and that no longer works.  I'm wondering now if I can
>reconfigure my router so that I access them using different ports?  I have a
>DLink DI 714+ router.


not a 714P+? that is another model and another manual (this one is pretty poor)

#4 Check the "intruder detection log" for evidence of your own activities 
in "getting through"
this will show if the internal router firewall has taken a dislike to you 
trying to get in :)

if your failed attempts do not show up assume they are blocked upstream?

#5 you might set the server to be inside the DMZ temporarily (not for long 
as it will be open to anyone)
and try again, that would tell you if the firewall in the router was 
blocking it


>If anyone else has experienced this, has a work around or the knowledge to
>do this, I would very much appreciate some assistance.  Feel free to email
>me off-list.
>todd at promisingsites.com
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