[thelist] Strange behaviour (passing parameter)

Joao Verde verde at sardware.com
Tue Nov 25 19:07:16 CST 2003

Hi All,

I've got a form with a textbox which will allow up to 65K of text (because I'm using a text field on my MySQL table).
On that text, I've got to replace several tags, like <B> and <U> to their corresponding <SPAN STYLE="..."> tags, among other replacements for custom tags I allow the editor to use on his/her text.

The purpose is to allow the editors to format their text using simple tags which I convert to the "harder" ones :-).

All the programming is done in PHP. I've got a "Preview text" button which calls a pop-up window with a preview of the text after all replacements have been done. To achieve that, I call the preview PHP file with the text as an argument. The popup gets the text as an argument ($_REQUEST['arg']) and parses it.

Now, the odd stuff... I used the Lorem Ipsumator (at http://www.loremipsum.de/download.htm) to generate 64000 characters of Lorem Ipsum :-) and tried the "preview text" to see if it could handle that amount of data. What I'm yet to figure out is why the popup loads not the text, but a site called "Internet Marketing Breakthrougs" for which I have absolutely no link whatsoever... if I trim the text to a much smaller size, say, 5K, the popup loads it nicely. If I fill it with more, it goes to that site.

Can't figure it out! Could it be linked to a maximum size on POST requests? (which, BTW, is what?) But then again, why that particular site.... how can a lot or Lorem Ipsum have that result.... %-)


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