[thelist] Two submit buttons

David Travis dwork at macam.ac.il
Sun Nov 30 08:15:38 CST 2003

<tip type="HTML forms" author="David Travis">
The following was tested on IE 5.5, IE 6, and N6.2:

If you have cases where you have more than one submit button in your HTML
form, you will be able to know which submit button was clicked. It turns out
that the clicked button is the only one passed to the server.

In case that the user hits <ENTER> key while in a text field the behavior
changes between N and IE:
N: the name-value of the FIRST (in the HTML document) submit button is
submitted with the form.
IE: no name-value of any button is submitted.

This tip is useful when you have a log in form, with buttons for different
languages, etc.

Thanks for Ken for the quick reply.

David Travis.

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