[thelist] RE: Web Site Check Pls

Dan CRACIUN dcsquare at myrealbox.com
Mon Dec 1 00:59:48 CST 2003

Tested in Moz Firebird.
In 1280X1024 everything looks fine (apart from the lack of consistency: too many different styles that confused me). 
Under 800X600... well, it turns ugly. The 4 nav buttons (too large in my opinion) drop in two lines and the ebay banner covers part of the Pocket Dv banner.

Possibly a browser bug: after you click Art the button with Articles dissapears(!!). It's still clickable and it reapears if you click on it.


Hello all,
I've been working a web site the last little while, I am
wondering what everyones thoughtes are:


Its my multimedia informational site. I would like input on
everything and anything. (Everything!)

Thank you!

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