[thelist] Sporadic access to trading accounts - any ideas?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Dec 3 09:51:27 CST 2003

Dunstan Orchard noted:

>>About a week ago he rolled his XP install back a notch and found that 
>>the problem was solved by the removal of a windows update.
>>[1] Does this ring any bells with anyone?

Hi Dunstan,

Sorry. Can't help much with this specific problem ... other than to 
note that Windows security patches sometimes cause unanticipated 
problems with browser plug-ins:

[Example: I recently installed Microsoft's KB824141 security patch 
... and found that using the 'shift' key to type capital letters 
into text boxes {in my Brio reports} causes the character to 
replicate about 100 times ... very annoying ... especially when 
I have to email thousands of users and tell them to use the caps 
lock key or cut & paste from a text editor instead of using the 
shift key until the vendor 'anti-MS-patches' are installed ... 
I'm a 'bad corporate citizen' if I don't install the patch - and 
my reports work for crap if I do! ... Grrrrrr!]

Anyway, I could see something like that affecting his trading account 
because that _could_ be using some plug-in or active-x add ons to 
add functionality. 

I would suggest checking in with the trading account support folks 
to see if they have complaints from other customers and/or a potential 



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