[thelist] Re: Remote client for mysql

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz eduardobk at via-rs.net
Sun Dec 7 11:28:57 CST 2003

You should try installing PHP triad, that is PHP+MySQL+Apache all in one 

Works fine.

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz
Senior Support Analyst
Sagra - Soluções Positivas

>Hi there,
>I'm trying to learn mysql for the first time and the book I'm using
>"Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL" by
>Sitepoint/Kevin Yank seems very straightforward.
>My web host has mysql with phpmyadmin but I'd like to learn mysql from
>the basics, as suggested in the book. So what I'd like to know is if
>anyone can recommend a remote client for mysql which will work on my
>home system (WinXP).

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