[thelist] why doesn't this work? (ASP 2.0)

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Fri Jan 2 10:02:50 CST 2004

given calculated or retrieved values
counter = 12
request.querystring("Version") = 12

I've tried these but none seem to pass the test

if request.querystring("Version") = counter then
if trim(request.querystring("Version")) = trim(counter) then
if request.querystring("Version") = trim(counter) then
if trim(request.querystring("Version")) = counter then
if cint(trim(request.querystring("Version"))) = cint(trim(counter)) then
if trim(cint(request.querystring("Version"))) = trim(cint(counter)) then

Both values SHOULD BE THE SAME, but for some odd reason, this test is

Have you echo'd each value you out as you have tested it? When you do so
you will see that the values are different. Just from a logic
standpoint, why so may if's?

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