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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Sat Jan 3 15:40:53 CST 2004

Timothy J. Luoma wrote. re:

>> "all-in-one" server packages such as FoxServer, IndigoPerl,
>> xiampp, Merlin, etc., that install Apache/Perl/PHP and mySQL
>> in a single installation??

> I installed Apache and PHP recently on WinXP with pretty much no 
> hassle.   It was pretty painless even with the minimal amount of 
> documentation I  actually read.
> I'd install Apache first.  Choose the defaults, then get the installer  
> packages for PHP and mySQL.

+1 -- I've never used any "all-in-one" installers, but I've heard
enough other people complain about problems with them. If this is
for personal learning, and you're not under a deadline, I'd say
you're far better off going through each individual setup.

You (the original poster) are on XP now, but who's to say you won't
have to upgrade MySQL on a Linux host tomorrow, or add PHP to an OS
X box? Better to know, even casually, the file system layout and
config options for each thing you're working with.

IMHO :-)
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