[thelist] Recommendations for a database driven website

Rob Sylvan rsylvan at nhptv.org
Tue Feb 3 09:40:41 CST 2004

Here is a story that could help to address your concerns about mySQL:


I don't have anything to do with the backend development of the site in that
story, but I am very familiar with company in general and they have
implemented a very robust combination of mySQL and PHP.

Hope it helps.

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Hi evolters,
   Im migrating an offline employee manager system (like bumeran.com for
example) to a online, database-driven web site that will use a big
schema, with about 2GB of data inside. Today the offline database is
offline by a SQL Server, but, we plan to move it to mySQL, because the
difference in costs (hosting) is huge.
  My question is: Do you recommend mySQL for large web site developing ?
mean, is mySQL stable, with that amount of data ? Is mySQL stable with a
large amount of transactions ? We thought in PHP to develop the server
code ... What language do you recommend for server side scripting in
projects of this caracteristics ?

Rodrigo Galindez
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