[thelist] Search Engine problems

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Tue Feb 3 15:57:49 CST 2004

> kyle.murphy at tempschedulingsystem.com 04/02/2004 09:18:13 >
I optimized my page title, keywords, and description tags on ALL pages
and this seemed to do the trick.  Within a week, I was showing up in the
Top 5 of most search engines.

Now we are not showing up AT ALL!

Is it really happening across all major search engines or is it just google? When you say most search engines are you talking about other search websites that also use the google index (i.e. Yahoo) or did you drop out of websites that have their own separate indexes to google (ie. AllTheWeb and Hotbot/Inktomi).

If it is just Google and its partners then there is no mystery:


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