[thelist] Flash Question

joe stowaway at uklinux.net
Wed Feb 4 18:06:22 CST 2004

Hi Peter

You could use the Date object:  When the movie loads, create a new
Date() object and use it to grab the current time <my_date.getTime()>
and then make a global function which grabs the current time each time
it's called and updates your clock display by comparing the start time
to the current time.  You can call your function every second using
setInterval(function, 1000) where 1000 is one second.

Hope this helps :)


Peter Loron wrote:

> Ok, sounds easy enough in concept. Any pointers on how to implement 
> the clock part? Some text in the movie that I programmatically update?
> Thanks!
> -Pete
> Rob Smith wrote:
>> I've got an easier solution Pete
>> Frame one: Start clock
>> Frame two and on: Flash Movie
>> LastFrame: goto and play (2)
>> Rob

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