[thelist] Website Search Engine Recommendations?

Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Sun Feb 8 10:35:46 CST 2004


It is said that ASPSeek (which despite the name has nothing to do with 
ASP) can be made to run on windows quite easily. I use it on linux and 
know it to be fast efficient and configurable. It's origins are in 
mnogosearch which has already been recommended. I can recommend it too 
but i stopped using it since i switched to aspseek.

holmegm at comcast.net wrote:

>>Richard, the main contenders in the (opensourced) search engine world,
>>are http://www.htdig.org/ and http://www.mnogosearch.ru/ 
>>They don't apparently fit in with your server setup but are maybe 
>>worthy of some investigation time 
>In the past, I've successfully compiled both under Cygwin (to run on Windows).  You can create a wrapper in your favorite scripting language, if none already exists as contributed work.  I'm not sure about performance; I was using them
>for an intranet with relatively low traffic.
>Both worked well, although with some differences in approach.  You really need to ba able to tweak and configure, but if you can do that they are so flexible and powerful.
>Greg Holmes

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