[thelist] URLs on Stationary without "www."

Thibaut Allender mailing at capsule.org
Tue Feb 10 12:16:53 CST 2004

on 10/02/2004 18:41, John C Bullas wrote :

> Ok, we are not "people", we are the scum/ubergeeks that know you don't 
> need to
> type in "http://".. you know who "we" are........

the question is about www, not "http://" ;)
but OK, so what's the problem if both work ?

> HELL ON EARTH: writing webpages for a peer group that includes
> the likes of yourself!

maybe people don't except it to work, but if http://domain.com + 
http://www.domain.com work, it's paradise on earth ;)

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