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John C Bullas (soton.ac.uk relay) jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 08:13:07 CST 2004

At 13:59 11/02/2004, you wrote:
>Get a Cable/DSL wireless router. I use an SMC 2804WBR (Barricade - 802.11g)
>The router will connect automatically to your ISP and your other devices use
>the router as a DHCP server.  Many of these routers come with RJ45
>connections as well for your wired connections.

Do you have to set up the connected devices to have recorded MAC addresses
for devices so you don't become victim to the coffee tin aerialed war-chalkers?



a bit out of my depth here ;)

>The setup is very simple.  I also have a DLink access point on the second
>floor that handles the g network up there.  I works fine with my SMC router
>and the SMC wireless card.
>Norman Bunn

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