[thelist] Java: Changing the user's default locale

David Travis dwork at macam.ac.il
Wed Feb 11 09:05:24 CST 2004

Hello all,

I am working with an IRC applet client. This applet loads information based
on the client's locale. I found that some machines load the wrong locale,
and I guess it is a result of different settings in the OS. I need to make
sure that all clients load the same locale. The machines which use this
applet are all win32 + latest JRE, and I have the benefit of being able to
instruct them what to do in order to set their applet to the proper locale.

The way I see it there are two alternatives: either setting the applet or
the OS. I tried adding parameters in the Advanced tab of the Plugin's
control panel (-Duser.language=he), but it did not help.

Where should I look in the OS in order to set something which will change
the applet's default locale?

Is there anywhere else I can do???

Thanks in advance,

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