[thelist] URLs on Stationary without "www."

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Wed Feb 11 12:10:09 CST 2004

Simon Wheatley wrote:
> Jono Young wrote:
>> Is it OK to leave off the www. when listing a URL on a stationary 
>> set.  For
>> instance, is it OK to list a URL as product.domain.com as opposed to www.
>> product.domain.com?  I believe that most browsers know how to handle 
>> the URL
>> without typing in the www in the address filed.  Any thoughts, is this 
>> right
>> or wrong, acceptable or not?
> OK. I tried to resist, but here's my 2c.
> I noticed the other day that "http://" is longer than "www", although 
> both will automatically highlight. Consequently I tend to drop the 
> http:// and use www.example.com.

I'm guessing you don't connect to servers with the https protocol much? 
Or if you do, you are relying on the server admin to properly redirect 
you, which they usually do...


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