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aardvark roselli at
Fri Feb 13 06:45:48 CST 2004

i missed the original post, but i can tell you that i have done this 
with print styles... the order retrieval page of my shopping cart 
allowed our client to do their order processing offline as part of 
their phone/fax/mail order processing... they wanted to be able to 
print each order into a special format for folding up as the packing 

some caveats:

- the client could only use it on a few machines, but that was ok 
since they only retrieved orders on those machines, and they were 
configured the same...

- the client had to turn off the automatic page headers and footers 
inserted by the browser so it wouldn't expose the address of the page 
(no reason to invite people to try to hack it)...

- the client had to be running IE5.x (at the time, 5.0)...

- my print styles had to blank out some data (credit card 
information) when printing, but not when displaying...

it worked out quite well, and i've ended up using that a few times 
with some minor adjustments for other clients...

but i really did have to do the layout there on their machines and 
keep  holding a printout up to the light with their normal packing 
slips underneath to compare them... once i got it set, though, it was 
set for good (barring system updates, new browsers, etc.)...

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> > a client of mine wants to be able to print (avery) labels 
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> > from their online shopping solution. basically they're 

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