[thelist] IE5.0 CSS rendering problems

Tim Burgan burgan at iprimus.com.au
Sat Feb 14 23:03:00 CST 2004


I'm a student learning web programming and I'm also getting involved 
with CSS.

I've just tried to "reverse-engineer" the look of an existing website to 
learn how it has been done.

I've tested on Win98, Win98SE, and WinXP, IE 4 and up. IE5.0 is having 
rendering trouble with my H3 (header) styles.

Is there a reason for this? What can I do. I've hidden css styles from 
version 4 browsers, but I want it to work for IE5.0

By the way IE5.5 it works fine.


I'd appreciate any help and reasons why so I can understand this better.

Tim Burgan

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