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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Fri Mar 12 09:16:09 CST 2004

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> From: Hassan Schroeder
> Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 9:12 PM
> I have a customer who wants to offer a video clip online (from a
> news segment, delivered by default in MPEG1 format).
> Other formats are available from the provider, at extra cost.
> What would provide the widest (cross-platform, commonly deployed)
> coverage -- MPEG1 + [ Windows Media | Real | Quicktime | ? ]
> This is probably a one-time deal, so installing a streaming server
> isn't a preferred option :-)


Sorenson Squeeze is a cost-effective solution to reformatting media into
various formats.  The feature that caused me to buy the package was it's
ability to take an mpeg and convert it to a flash movie.  With flash, you
have probably the highest market penetration of any format, hands-down.  The
application also has a feature where you can break the movie up
automatically and stitch it back together with a flash preloader.  Very
slick.  The cost is nice too...

Their site is slow, but the product is good (at least it has been to me):


You can buy it at their site, but you can often find the Flash functional
subset at other sites... so check at froogle.com for "Sorenson Squeeze"

Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
WAE Tech Inc.

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