[thelist] SEO tips

Geoff Sheridan evolt at premonition.co.uk
Tue Mar 16 09:50:25 CST 2004

>But now I have a client with who owns a used motorcycle shop. He 
>specializes in classic British bikes. After 30 years, he knows 
>everything about everything with bikes. He also has about 4,000 used 
>bikes which translates into several million dollars in parts.

My advice would be to include reference articles, tutorials, 
factsheets & photos about bikes, riding, repairs and parts. This guy 
knows his stuff - put it to use.

This might take a long time and much effort, but it's the best way to 
get good rankings - compelling and unique content.

*Then* follow the technical suggestions you get. And use proper, valid mark-up.

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East London, UK

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