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Christopher Joseph christopher at ideadesigners.com
Tue Mar 16 10:01:39 CST 2004

Agree - have recently been getting very good results on Google just by 
ensuring that page content is relevent, unique and valid to what we are 
trying to sell online. Content is king!

Geoff Sheridan wrote:

>> But now I have a client with who owns a used motorcycle shop. He 
>> specializes in classic British bikes. After 30 years, he knows 
>> everything about everything with bikes. He also has about 4,000 used 
>> bikes which translates into several million dollars in parts.
> My advice would be to include reference articles, tutorials, factsheets 
> & photos about bikes, riding, repairs and parts. This guy knows his 
> stuff - put it to use.
> This might take a long time and much effort, but it's the best way to 
> get good rankings - compelling and unique content.
> *Then* follow the technical suggestions you get. And use proper, valid 
> mark-up.
> Geoff

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