[thelist] Calling RSS Advocates/Experts

Wesley Mason wes at pmason.karoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 16 11:32:55 CST 2004

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Dave Winer will be probably about the biggest straight-RSS advocate you 
can find, but if you're going for "syndication" advocates then I'd 
suggest looking towards Chris Pirillo, Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby. There 
are plenty of others, but they the "big-guns" regards both RSS and 
"syndication" (mainly RDF or Atom) off the top of my head.


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On Feb 24, 2004, at 15:30, Bill Haenel wrote:

> Howdy all -
> I may be looking soon for someone who would be willing to give some 
> time
> to speak to a group of public broadcasting/internet professionals.
> Anyone have any suggestions on who might make a good speaker in the
> field of RSS advocates/experts? Who are the real leaders in that field?
> Who is really putting the tool to good use these days? Who might be
> interested in working with public radio and TV people for a day or 
> less?
> It's only a maybe, because I'm not sure I'll definitely need anyone 
> yet.
> But I'd like to build a small list of possible names ASAP so I'm ready
> if it comes up.
> TIA,
> Bill Haenel
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