[thelist] ASP: Jump to specific record in recordset

Ken Kogler gsls at kenkogler.com
Wed Mar 17 08:09:13 CST 2004

> Why aren't you using SQL to just bring back the record you want,
> rather than having the database stream back 94 unnecessary records?

My db server is slow; my webserver is fast.

I'm never bringing back more than 20 records.

This is a three-table join which brings back <20 rows and 10 columns in
one lump sum. It's scope is already tightly defined and limited quite a
bit in the SQL, and the only other way to accomplish exactly what I'm
after here is to use multiple queries. 

I'd rather not call 2 or 3 separate queries per page when I can bring
back one and filter it on the webserver before sending it to the client.


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