[thelist] Difference between domain registrars

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Thu Mar 25 02:10:11 CST 2004

Judah McAuley wrote:

> One (somewhat) minor note: check out the terms of service for each 
> registrar. They are not necessarily all the same. One issue brought up 
> awhile ago that may or may not have been solved at the ICANN level is 
> who actually owns a domain. Netsol has taken the position that they 
> own the domain and that you have usage rights. Some other registrars 
> (like the one I use, gandi.net) explicitly say that you have ownership 
> of the domain. A minor difference? Remains to be seen. Regardless, I 
> prefer to give my money to a company that acknowledges my rights in 
> the broadest sense possible.

This is an interesting point and one that I have never really given much 
thought to.

So who does own a Domain Name? Are there any kind of laws that govern 
this part of the Internet or is it wide open to interpretation? Who has 
the legal edge in a domain name ownership dispute?

I realize that "ownership" is a very tricky subject when it comes to the 
world of computers and most companies like to think that the things you 
buy from them are actually only licensed to you and not owned by you. 
Therefore, do people own domain names or do they only license them? 
Peoples opinions aside, is there any precedents that states which idea 
is correct? (I am not trying to start a war here, just looking for some 
solid information on this topic).


Chris Johnston

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