[thelist] IE 5 width problem

fstorr fffrancis at fstorr.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 28 04:44:02 CST 2004

Scott Blanchard wrote:
> Can someone take a look at this url in IE5 PC?

> I'm using a transitional xhtml doctype. I thought that was supposed to 
> eliminate these kinds of quirks, but I guess I see different. I suppose 
> this will require a box model hack of some sort for IE 5 browser, no?


DocType switching for IE only came in with IE 6.  IE5.0 does horrible, 
horrible things with CSS (but then it's about 9 years old I think) - I 
had to use it on an intranet for a few years.  It also doesn't support 
any inline styling (no borders under text; no margin, padding, a:hovers 
on lists displayed inline, for example). I don't have an IE5 to hand, 
but it will require some hackery.

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