[thelist] IE 5 width problem

Scott Blanchard octigonuser at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 15:17:14 CST 2004

Can someone take a look at this url in IE5 PC?


When you rollover one of the sitemenu item's you should see flyout menus 
appear, then on the flyouts you will see an arrow next to certain menus that 
have children. When you rollover those items, another flyout will appear to 
the right of this menu. This 3rd level menu should appear right next to the 
2nd level menu (just to the right of it with no space between the two 
menus). However, in IE5 PC there is about a 20 pixel gap between the 2nd 
level menu and the 3rd level to its right.

I'm using a transitional xhtml doctype. I thought that was supposed to 
eliminate these kinds of quirks, but I guess I see different. I suppose this 
will require a box model hack of some sort for IE 5 browser, no?

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