[thelist] http -> sms, character coding

Nick Lester nick at flowbike.com
Fri Apr 2 13:09:24 CST 2004


I have worked in C++ to send SMS messages as an alert system for a
corporate network. AFAIK all UK phones accept 7 bit alphabet and Nokia
branded phones can work with normal ASCII.

Have never worked with http gateways though


Kasimir K said:
> ... so no-one been working on sms...?
> may I re-phrase my questions a bit:
> Now I have a table called $ascii_to_sms, where keys are iso-8859-1
> characters, and values are allowed sms equivalents. like this:
>   'á' => 'a',
> and then I just:
> $text = strtr($text, $ascii_to_sms);
> Is this the best way to do this?
> And I'd still love to hear about any links, advice, experince you may
> have on http2sms gateways...
> cheers,
> .k
>> I'm working on an application which uses http to sms gateway. As the
>> system will be used in many European countries, there's the national
>> character issue. For instance here:
>> http://www.dreamfabric.com/sms/default_alphabet.html
>> is a nice table of the sms 7 bit alphabet.
>> The content that is sent out is managed with a CMS, where the authors
>> throw in all obscure national characters they can come up with...
>> So I have to filter the messages I'm sending to the gateway.
>> Then to my questions:
>> - Any ideas how to do the character filtering efficiently? There may be
>> peak times, so speed is of essence here.
>> - Do all phones and operators handle the gsm alphabet in same way, or
>> are the variations on this?
>> - Experiences and links would be appreciated, as this is my first
>> sms-project...
>> ¡muchas gracias!
>> .kasimir
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