[thelist] [OT] What's faster .. USB2.0 or FireWire

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Tue Apr 6 07:32:33 CDT 2004

Jono Young wrote:
> Firewire 400 is nearly as fast as USB 2.0, but if speed is your concern,
> take a look into Firewire 800, which blows the socks off of anything USB.
> I'm not sure if PCs even have Firewire 800 capabilities yet, but I am pretty
> sure you can get a 3rd party card and install it yourself.  If you're using
> a Mac, Firewire 800 is now standard on most models.  One problem is that you
> will need a fast PC/Mac to keep up with the transfer rates and avoid bottle
> necking.  Also, the combo USB/Firewire drives are the best of both worlds.


Firewire 800

..plus other goodies (solid state primary hard disk, overclocked bios, etc.)

oh, and they have rather cool monitors.

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