[thelist] unordered lists - Dynamic Populated Section

Adriano Castro ad at netvisao.pt
Wed Apr 7 11:28:38 CDT 2004

    I have a section (subtabs) that's to be 'populated' using JavaScript
and formatted it using CSS. The content can vary in size, however I
want it to have a minimum height (line 12 - commented).

    Problem is I want all of the content below that section to move
accordingly to its height.

    A small, but important, detail is that the content consists of
unordered lists.

	+ www.adrianocastro.net/post/pub/help/000.htm

    This works perfectly on IE if the height (line 12 - commented) is set.
However, in Mozilla it won't work properly either way since it never
correctly renders whatever's below that section.



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