[thelist] [QuickTime] Trouble streaming an MP4

J.D. Welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Thu Apr 8 14:24:56 CDT 2004

on 8 Apr Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

TD >So a couple things:
TD >
TD >1 - Why does the rtsp: link point to /crossandthrone/file when it
TD >really doesn't live there? (I merely copied this from their example)
TD >Its the same thing with the text in the reference file - the URL is
TD >not where it really lives. Yet this works for the movie!
TD >
TD >2 - Could the period in the URL (.sample?) have anything to do with
TD >this?

what i think is going on is that /crossandthrone/ == $YOURWEBDIR/_qt/
(via a symlink or something), and therefore anything you want to stream
with QTSS/DSS has to live there-- it uses a totally different "document
root" than apache.

so it's all very strange since TestForEcho.mp3 _does_ live in /_qt/[1],
along with the sample.mov file that works just fine.  i suggest first
looking in /var/streaming/Logs/ (if it's on the same machine...i can't
tell) for any interesting error logs, then talking to the hosting
company about it. you've followed their directions, and it still doesn't
work, so make it their problem now :)

TD >3 - Do i need the embed code at all? I assume its only if I want the
TD >user to use the QT controller? Ideally I want to have a link they
TD >click to start streaming the file, with the browser opening it in
TD >whatever app they have set to handle MP3s...

in that case, no, you don't need the embed, you should just do the <a
href="rtsp://" thing, and let it figure itself out.



[1] i assume, since i get something with the url

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