[thelist] [QuickTime] Trouble streaming an MP4

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 13:15:02 CDT 2004

--- "J.D. Welch" <so.there at showtunepink.com> wrote:

> it does (i've gotten it to stream mp4 files created in final cut),
> so i'm not sure what you've created is a reasonable MP4 file,

Well I used QT4 Pro to do it.. but sounds reasonable.

> it seems that the error is accurate, since references to
> sample.mov, called in the same way with the rtsptext bit, work. i 
> think the problem
> is in the MP4 file itself. have you tried serving the original MP3?
> quicktime streaming server likes that format as well, and i'm not
> sure the need for MP4 if it's an audio-only file. 

Sounds fine to me - I'd prefer to do MP3s anyway.

> anyway, can you make
> TestForEcho.mp4 available via http so we can have a look at it? it
> doesn't seem to live at
> http://www.crossandthrone.com/.samples/qt/TestForEcho.mp4 like i
> would expect.

Oddly I don't know why it wasn't there, I think the first upload
might have been corrupted. So I reuploaded it and got the same

I uploaded an MP3 file here:


Navigating to that file in my browser, it downloads and play (doesn't
stream of course).

But my sample page
(http://www.crossandthrone.com/.samples/qt/sample2.html) still errors
out using the MP3 with the same message and the stream won't work.
The code is:

width="242" height="199" autoplay="false" loop="false"
controller="true" bgcolor="#666666"


So a couple things:

1 - Why does the rtsp: link point to /crossandthrone/file when it
really doesn't live there? (I merely copied this from their example)
Its the same thing with the text in the reference file - the URL is
not where it really lives. Yet this works for the movie!

2 - Could the period in the URL (.sample?) have anything to do with

3 - Do i need the embed code at all? I assume its only if I want the
user to use the QT controller? Ideally I want to have a link they
click to start streaming the file, with the browser opening it in
whatever app they have set to handle MP3s...



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