[thelist] Theory Question: Client Side or Server Side

Scott Brady evolt at ncsli.org
Sat Apr 10 10:53:49 CDT 2004

Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

>--- Scott Brady <evolt at ncsli.org> wrote:
>>Assuming that for budgetary reasons, you have to choose between
>>only server-side and only client-side. That gives you the choice of
>>making it 
>>so that 100% of your users will have functionality but requiring a 
>>server trip or not requiring a server trip but having it not work
>>AT ALL for some percentage of your users.
>I have NEVER been faced with such a choice. I've been in this
>industry for 9 years. And again, I'm NOT saying don't have it on the
>server side too. All I'm saying is that *in most cases* the
>percentage of users who will have JS turned off while visiting a
>given site will be extremly low,  to the point of almost nil. Yet
>often we tend to go overboard in our concerns for 'users without js
>enabled' to the point where we may not make the best decision for the
>99.9% of your users and the app in general.
Yes, I've never been forced with such a choice either.  However, this 
thread started with choosing one or the other (well, "which is better").

However, I do agree with you that it should be both.  And, for what the 
form in discussion does, the server-side "validation" should take all of 
30 minutes (if that) to write, so I can't imagine there's a reason not 
to do both.

(As someone who does have JS turned on, I'd certainly they rather do both)


Scott Brady

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