[thelist]Is this real?

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Apr 15 06:58:46 CDT 2004

> It's spam. I got 2 of them. I think it might harvest email adresses from 
> thelist (among others).

It for sure is harvested from thelist, as I don't use address 
'evolt at kasimir-k.fi' anywhere else...

<tip type="antispam" author="Kasimir K">

Get a domain name of your own and when you need to use email address in 
a situation where it is exposed for harvesters (or other vulnerable 
situations), use a name associated with that situation.

if you must give your address to Microsoft, give 'microsoft at yourdomain.com'
if you post to mailing list called 'foo', do it with address 
'foo at yourdomain.com'

Then it's easy to direct and/or block messages appropriately: if a 
message if addressed to 'foo at yourdomain.com', but is not sent by 'foo', 
just block it.

It is also easy to block addresses like info at yourdomain.com and 
sales at yourdomain.com.

You may want to send an auto reply telling that the message has been 
blocked, and give an URL to web form where people may contact you. If 
you do this, remember that there will be many 'mail could not be 
delivered' messages coming in, as spam often is sent with non-existing 



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