[thelist]Is this real?

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> <tip type="antispam" author="Kasimir K">
> Get a domain name of your own and when you need to use email address in
> a situation where it is exposed for harvesters (or other vulnerable
> situations), use a name associated with that situation.

Great tip.

It's what I've been doing for years.

Really helps track your email address across the net. That way you find out
who is selling to whom.

I caught Amazon that way a few years ago. Since humans never really read the
lists of address when they are bought, no one see this type of tracking.

I don't even waste bandwidth sending back a bounce. I don't want the return
bounce. I just /dev/null it at my account procamilrc level.

# Filters tracking addresses
   * ^To:tracker at yourdomain.tld

Quick and easy.

But then again, many users don't have that level of access to their


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