[thelist] MySQL 4.0.18 bug. Workarounds?

hpinson at indepthl.com hpinson at indepthl.com
Fri Apr 16 11:02:45 CDT 2004

I have encountered a strange but documented and unresolved MySQL 
4.0.18 bug.  It seems very serious.

If an InnoDB table contains more than 16 concurrent text, mediumtext, 
or longtext fields, once the row byte-count exceeds 8000kb, table 
updates fail.

The error message manifests as: 1030, 'Got error 139 from table 

This bug shows on at least on RH8 and SUSE, but not W2K.

Has anyone encountered this dreadful bug?  Any suggested workarounds?

Harlow Pinson
Indepth Learning
Email: hpinson at indepthl.com 
Web: http://www.indepthl.com
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