[thelist] Serious antispam measures (was: Is this real?)

Jeniffer C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Sat Apr 17 10:34:46 CDT 2004

> A solution (albeit laborous one) would be to every day accept only mails
> adressed to:
> yyyymmdd at yourdomain.com, where yyyymmdd is the current date (and maybe
> accept also the previous and next dates too, because of time zone
> differences).
> If you still get spam, the you can require the date to be followed by
> accepted name: you have a friend called John, and today he must use
> address 20040417john at yourdomain.com.
> Easier solution would be to require something in the subject or body of
> the email - senders email address would be good: john at hisdomain.com must
> include 'john at hisdomain.com' in the subject line. Or give your friends
> each a password that they must have in the first line of the message
> body. This is actually very good option, as it can be used even without
> your own domain name.
> How do these sound to you?

(First, sorry if the list just received a blank reply. I was hitting ctrl+d
to clear some of the content, my fingers must have slipped. I still don't
know what keys I actually hit that sent the mail immediately.)

It sounds to me like you've got way smarter friends sending you email than I
do. *G* Many of the people I regularly receive email from would never figure
all that out. But then my spam problems are still within tolerable levels
(if only just barely some days). 


Jeniffer C. Johnson
OffLead Productions

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