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Walter Hemingway walt at medianetwork.ws
Sun Apr 18 19:10:15 CDT 2004

 Sorry about the initial email hijacking everyone!!...Just wasn't thinking
clearly at that moment.

I have created the site myself. 

Would prefer a ASP solution, and am currently using Paypal for the
ecommerce, but they don't have a shipping calculator that allows you to
calculate according to ZIP. 

Need a combination of Zip Code and Weight if possible.

UPS will be delivery method.

The site is complete other than the shipping solution.

Thank You,
Walter S. Hemingway
(803)419-7539 hm
(803)748-8594 off

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I am working on a site and my client needs a calculator that will give state
to state shipping rates by Zip Code.

What's the site setup?  Linux/Win, PHP/ColdFusion/ASP/else ?  What sort of
cart do you have?  Homegrown or something prefab?  What shippers/methods
will you need to support?  UPS/FedEx/USPS/CanadaPost/else?

Possibly configured to work with Paypal.

That's likely a function of the shopping cart rather than the shipping

A former client of mine, 1ShoppingCart.com, offers a fairly sophisticated
shopping cart with a realtime shipping module built in which supports
multiple shippers and methods, and the cart does support PayPal in addition
to about 40 other credit card gateways.  Sounds like you already have a cart
setup, but 1Shop is pretty easy to implement and may serve your needs.
Otherwise, if you can answer the above questions someone might have a better
answer for you.

Maximillian Von Schwanekamp
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